Repossessions in Midlands

Are you facing a house repossession and are struggling to pay your mortgage then we can help you to stop repossession.  We also understand that it is an extremely stressful time and so will explain the process of stopping repossession to you and how we can help.

The first thing to remember when facing a house repossession is to act quickly because the longer you leave it the more it reduces any equity you might have in the house with all the additional charges your lender will put on to your mortgage.

A sensible option is to sell your house quickly to pay off your arrears and mortgage. 

Benefit to youWe can help stop repossession on your Midlands property

We can help you to stop house repossession by helping you to sell your house fast. 

Our process is quite simple:

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You will receive 100% of the agreed sale price – there are no hidden fees

It is worth remembering that 99% of repossession cases can be stopped at any stage prior to eviction so do not despair or think of just handing your keys back to the lender or abandoning your house.

If you do then the lender will repossess your house, sell your house as quickly as possible, usually at auction, which means that the sale proceeds may not be enough to pay off all that you owe leaving you with a shortfall.  You will be responsible for this shortfall and they will chase you to recover it.  They are allowed to chase you for up to 12 years.

If you act quickly enough you can avoid this.  If you have equity in your house you can pay off all that you owe, have funds in your bank account and you can within reason control the pace you move out on, which will help you to reduce the stress levels.

If you do not have equity in your house then we can still help so do get in touch with us now – complete the simple blue form above and we will get in touch with you to confirm details, make you an offer to stop repossession proceedings.