Negative Equity Properties in Midlands

If you bought your property in 2007/ 2008 or you have re-mortgaged or taken out secured loans you may owe more than the property is currently worth which means you may have to sell your house and write a cheque to the bank for the balance which is not always possible.
We can resolve these issues meaning it won't cost you thousands of pounds to move on

Negative Equity on Terrace Houses in MidlandsCase History

We helped a seller in West Bromwich who was trying to sell his property but needed a certain amount to clear the debt the property was empty and needed work so not only could he not sell but it was also costing him money every month as he had to make the mortgage payments. The solution we found a tenant buyer who agreed to pay the monthly mortgage payment, refurbish the house and agreed to pay over £20,000 more than through the estate agent. It was a perfect solution for both the seller and the buyer

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